The County clerk serves as the county election officer in Atchison County. All voter registrations are handled by the clerk’s office. Candidates for County offices, school boards, and Township offices file for office here. Persons wishing to run for Third class city offices may file here, but usually file with their city clerks. First class city offices must file with the city clerk of Atchison.

The clerk’s office also sells the following items:

  • County maps, which include road maps and ownership
  • Fish and game licenses
  • Moving permits
  • Township cereal malt beverage licenses

Additional Duties

The county clerk is the Secretary to the County Commissioners and is in charge of the records for the county.  The clerk’s office has old birth and death records for genealogical research.

All budgets for the schools, fire districts, cemetery districts, drainage, watershed, cities and special districts are filed and processed through the Atchison County Clerk’s office.